Video: FEMEN Sextremist Attacked Miloš Zeman at the Polling Station

FEMEN sextremist didn’t allow Putin’s prostitute Zeman to vote. Fearful of FEMEN’s anger, the guards withdrew Zeman from the polling station and he did not have time to vote.

Today, Ukrainian sextremist Angelina Diash has attacked the polling station in Prague during the voting of the incumbent President Miloš Zeman.

Sextremist shouted “Zeman – Putin’s slut”, the same words of truth were inscribed on her bare chest. Zeman is the brightest representative of the Kremlin’s brothel on a par with such experienced political prostitutes as Donald Trump, Gerhard Schröder, Pedro Agramunt, Sarah Wagenkneht, Silvio Berlusconi, Igor Dodon and Marie Le Pen.

Femen Merchandise

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