Bullied to Death – the Story of Lucas Hertzman

One summer evening in 2014, 20-y.o. Lucas Hertzman was found dead in his apartment. In his last posts on twitter he writes that he is being harassed online and can’t cope with the hatred anymore.

Lucas was a devoted fighter for equality and the women’s rights, a member of FEMEN Sweden for a while. In the documentary “Bullied to Death?” reporter Hedwig Nilsson finds out what drove Lucas to suicide. She meets his mother Jaana, who did not know that Lucas had been bullied until after his death when she logged onto Lucas’s computer. She also meets his best friend and partner Moa (with Lucas on the photo), and others who knew him.

Suicide stands out as one of the most common causes of death among young people in Sweden. According to National Centre for Suicide Prevention – about 45 children and young people kill themselves every year for bullying.

Jenny Wenhammar, leader of FEMEN Sweden, will discuss the documentary about Lucas on November 21, at Sveriges radio Stockholm (Sweden).

Intolerance leads to hatred, hatred kills!

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