The Answer to AntiFEMEN Protest in Marocco – Fuck Your Morals

fuck your morals

Thousands of people protested outside France’s embassy in Rabat against members of feminist group Femen, reports Marocco World News

The protestors shouted slogans and carried placards that read “Down with Femen,” “None of that here,” “No to attacks on sacred Moroccan values” and “Freedom equals respect of the other.”

They were protesting against two French activists from feminist movement Femen who kissed topless in front of the Tour Hassan religious landmark in the Moroccan capital on Tuesday.

The women were later expelled from the country and banned from returning.

This also comes amid reports that two Moroccan men had been arrested for publicly kissing on the esplanade of Mosque Hassan in Rabat, the same place where the two bare-chested Femen activists appeared kissing each other earlier this week. A Spanish feminist was also deported after a pro-gay protest.
Marocco antifemen Marocco antifemen2

FEMEN says: Fuck your morals!

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