Dubious Democracy of Tunisia

Tunisia claims to be an example, an exception in “Arab-Muslim” world because of its democratic system.

This claim is unadvised because homosexuality is still criminalized in that country. In a country, where Islamic terrorism has already caused many deaths, freedom of worship is not questioned; however, the homosexuals are always denounced like criminals and thrown in prison because they are being denied the right to a free sexuality.

Each year there are 50 people who are sentenced because of their sexual orientation. In the theocratic regime of radical Islam of DAESH, homosexuals are pursued and discarded from the tops of buildings, moderate Islam in the democratic regime of Tunisia make them suffer anal tests and throw them in the jails. There is unfortunately the methods that differentiate, the goal remains the same to them – persecute homosexuals in the name of religious morality.

FEMEN claims that no nation can declare itself democratic if it does not grant the right to free sexuality!

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