FEMEN Activists Will Appear in Court For Sexual Exhibition

Are we feminists or exhibitionists?

On Wednesday 31 May, at 9 am, the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, will have to solve on the dilemma.

This is why we organize a large gathering before the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris.

We call on all the women who support us to be topless, for those who wish, before the gates of the Palace to defend the idea that our bodies are not obscene but political!

All over the world, we are being pursued. Some countries charge us with hooliganism, rebellion, and disturbance of public order. But France has this peculiarity: it is here that our actions are not regarded as political, but as sexual aggression.

At each sextremist action, the burden is henceforth systematic. In addition to spending long in custody, our activists are summoned to sexual exhibitionism. Today, some of us have up to two trials under this same offense. (We recall that no man has ever been prosecuted by showing his chest.)

We are extremists of equality, so we want more than anything that our torsos have the same equality of treatment as men.

And we remain convinced that it is fascist, religious, patriarchal violence that are obscene but not our breasts!

Let’s get topless on Wednesday 31 May at 8.30 am in front of the TGI of Paris to defend a militant and political body! Check on the Facebook page of the event!

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