FEMEN Opposes Political Islam During the Speech of the Muslim Brother Tariq Ramadan

Allah is not a Politician!

FEMEN opposes political Islam during the speech of the Muslim Brother Tariq Ramadan at the Annual Meeting of Muslims of France organized by the UOIF.

FEMEN protest against the visit of fundamentalist preachers at a rally to politicize Muslims in France under the aegis of the Muslim Brotherhood! FEMEN claims that political Islam is totalitarianism, and a face of fascism!

FEMEN shouts loudly Allah, like any divine creation, is not a politician! The Quran is not a source of constitution! The totalitarian project of the Muslim Brotherhood is not compatible with our values of emancipation! FEMEN believes in gender equality, the rights of sexual minorities, and denounces this form of incitement to hatred under the pretext of uniting the Muslims of France!


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