FEMEN Celebrates the End of the FN

Fascists, stay stashed,

You will not be missed,

Long live the end of FN!

And obscene banquet!

Today FEMEN celebrates the end of the FN in front of the “banquet” organized by Marine Le Pen in a small hall in northern Paris.

Discreet soon as there is a social struggle, the party of Marine Le Pen has even become invisible at its large annual fair of May the 1st. With joy and gladness we celebrated the disappearance of Holocaust deniers, identity and other complotistes of our streets with party favors, confetti and champagne! This year we had to pay an entrance fee for a new formula merguez sandwich + beer + speeches, to see the FN.

Marine, the matron of the self-proclaimed first party of France invited her supporters in a tiny hall in the northeast of the capital. In the absence of opponents, in a confined space, it will probably have managed to think bigger than it is.

This 1st of May will have been a day of fooled, for once, this does not happen. Marine, we thank you for this absence and we encourage you to repeat this performance on other days of the year!

Femen Merchandise

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