FEMEN Will Be on Trial for the First Time in Canada


15202524_686997794810985_3486478969057767553_nWE ARE ACTIVISTS, NOT CRIMINALS!

FEMEN will be on trial for the first time in Canada this week: on November 30th and December 1st in Montreal.

We face the criminal charges of troubling public peace and misdemeanour, but freedom of expression cannot be criminalised! Our political expression does not trouble peace, it rather troubles sexist ideas and patriarchs that promote them!

If the Grand Prix is free to promote the sex industry and the objectification of women, we are equally free to promote our ideas of equality, paint our feminist slogans on our chests, go out, and peacefully protest the abuse of women’s fundamental rights!
Civil expression is a constitutional freedom, and when this expression is political, it is necessarily loud for our message to be heard. That is not a crime, it is a core value of democracy!


The Crown dropped its unfounded and perverse charges of exhibitionism and indecent act against FEMEN activists. But even in Canada where the law is the same for male and female chests, and the crown had to recognise it, now they are trying to undermine and criminalise our very freedom of expression.15179071_686998074810957_475648787328008232_n

We will stand in court to defend the values of democracy, as political expression does not trouble public peace. Rather, violence does. And the only violence was those of the security agents towards us!

As FEMEN activist we are always non violent, we simply enjoy our freedom!

May Canada pass our test of democracy!


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