Money Doesn’t Buy Consent

Money doesn’t buy consent.

The sex industry is designed to satisfy men’s sexual desire. Buying sexual services is imposing one’s desire – the desire of the client, who wants sex and has money, on a woman that doesn’t feel desire but needs money.

Money can’t buy desire: money subjects to someone else’s desire, the client’s desire.

Money can’t buy consent: money is a way of ignoring and erasing the consent of the person selling sexual « services ».

That is why prostitution is the enslavement of women, of their bodies, lives, intimacies and well being, to the sexual, economical, social and political power of men.

All the money generated by the sex industry will not erase the facts: prostitution is a form of woman slavery. Money benefits pimps and the city of Montreal, our Canadian sex capital, but certainly not women: they remain poor and reduced to the state of merchandise.

FEMEN reminds you that women are neither merchandises nor flesh to be used for men’s sexual pleasure. Women, prostitutes too, think and feel like every person. Prostitution is not a job like any other: it is about time to realize that being sold cannot be a choice and the object of consent. Being sold is not freedom.

FEMEN will continue to fight this industry of sexual exploitation openly exposed everywhere in Montréal, trivialized to the point of becoming invisible to the eyes of quebecers, that feeds of human traffic in all impunity.

Your closed eyes make you accomplices of an industry that destroys women. It is our turn to destroy it! We are all equally responsible of our society: let’s wake up!

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