Currently, hundreds of thousands of women are fleeing Ukraine to escape the war. They are not only fleeing death and destruction, they are also fleeing sexualized violence. 
Rape is an integral part of war. As with all rape, it is about power, dominating the woman, breaking her, bringing shame upon her. In war, rape is targeted to weaken the morale of the enemy and destabilize society.
The victims are civilian women. Women, in the logic of the violent soldiers, are only possessions or extensions of the enemy, vessels into which man plants his seed and potential offspring. 
The female body, with its capacity to create life, becomes a battlefield. The first reports of rape reach us, the number of unreported cases will be many times higher. Knowing this, Ukrainian women are now leaving their homeland with heavy hearts with only the bare necessities to protect themselves and their children. But they are not safe at the borders. 
Male violence is a worldwide horror that can only camouflage itself better far away from the war. The violence here takes place behind closed doors and is described by euphemisms like sex work. And so no one is surprised by the sad reality that johns have been rubbing their hands together online for weeks, looking forward to “fresh meat” from Ukraine in their john forums. Even though the German sex work lobby likes to emphasize the voluntary nature of prostitution, everyone knows that it is almost always coercion that leads to prostitution. Sexbuyers and pimps simply don’t care, because they profit from the women’s misery. 
Even the police openly warn against pimps who now smell their big chance to get hold of vulnerable women. They wait with cars at the border and train stations and try to take young women to their brothels and appointment apartments under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid. First women are considered missing. But Ukrainian women are not only potential victims of sexualized violence in the border areas. On pornhub, men worldwide are currently searching for “Ukrainian girls” and “Ukrainian”. Pornhub is currently earning vast sums of money from the suffering and abuse of Ukrainian women. With this knowledge in mind, Pornhub’s promotion to limit the “offer” for Russia has a bitter taste. And also on Reddit the first men are asking for videos of war rape from Ukraine. Every man who seeks and consumes such videos has a responsibility. Just as every john increases the demand for young women. Women are not a commodity and Germany should introduce john punishment as soon as possible. This will lead to a decrease in demand and punishment of the johns who don’t care about the constraints of prostituting a woman. 
We must protect people who flee from hell from the next hell! 

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