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Bill Cosby is photographed arriving at Norristown Pensivanya court this morning facing sexual assault on woman where his trial begins today and some protesters getting arrested

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Convict Cosby The Rapist Coward !

FEMEN activist faced Bill Cosby as he arrived to the trial for rape and sexual misconduct.

Today on April 9, 2018, after 5 decades of rape and sexual misconduct, the trial against Bill Cosby will finally begin again. The statute of limitations in the United States, arbitrary and varied as it is in each State, has prevented all but one woman from officially bringing charges against Cosby. However, due to the overwhelming number of women that have spoken out as victims of Cosby, the American court will allow 5 additional women to testify in court in order to better demonstrate his perverse pattern of behavior and predatory character.

Cosby’s defense team will of course seek to reshape the narrative of this rape case in order to paint him as the ultimate victim, reframing the case around the idea that 62 women are somehow attempting to profit off of Cosby’s money and power as opposed to the obvious abuse of power that actually occurred by Cosby himself. The defense team has already spent months trying to convince the general public that the enitre case is not about rape at all but in fact, about race and some sort of elaborate plan to detrone Cosby as a powerful black man who was apparently in talks to buy a popular television network.

With all of these distractions, Cosby’s defense team is hoping to confuse the most important issue at hand ; the systematic disembodiement and disempowerment of women’s bodies occurring around the world since the beggining of time. This practice happens to be one of the main tenants of the patriarchial system and Bill Cosby knows this particular practice well, wielding his power over the heads and bodies of women for decades and presently having the audacity to accuse his accusers of lying.

For those who are supporting Cosby instead of the victims and saying «This was not the man I knew» and «Let that court decide if Cosby is guilty or not» know this ; sympathizing with this serial rapist should not an option no matter how much anyone has enjoyed watching The Cosby Show throughout the years. At the expense of true justice and vindictation for rape victims, some will attempt to keep their precious Idol and TV show in tact while these women’s bodies are simply discarded as collateral damage. The victim in this case, the brave Andrea Constand, will have the burden to prove that she did nothing «wrong» and everything «right», was completely responsable in her every choice, her clothing choice and her behavior. The prosecution team will then do what they have always done to rape victims, using every trick in the book to discredit and shame her and yet again, the court will be confronted with the issue of consent.

What every Cosby-supporter seems to have neglected in this Black Lives Matter-era is that RAPE IS RAPE REGARDLESSS OF RACE ! WOMEN’S LIVES MATTER! POWER AND MONEY DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT DECIDE THE TRUTH. If anyone is truly searching for the «truth» and the «facts» of this matter, they need only do at math. The percentage of lying rape victims is officially documented to be between 5 and 10 percent :
Therefore, it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE that ALL of Cosby’s victims are LYING! And for all of the offensive Cosby supporters who continue to ask why the victims «waited so long», Femen would urge you to take a long hard look at the offical research of what being raped actually does to a person’s mental state. Research shows that victims are often manipulated, harrassed and coerced into silence, sometimes to the point of harboring some sort of sick loyalty to their abuser. Victims are often in denial even to themselves, with a paralyizing kind of embarassment and guilt that this has happened to them and uncertainty as to whether or not it is their own fault. If they do decide to come out to the world about what happened to them, which only happens 37 percent of the time, they are quickly labeled as liars and whores, persecuted and emotionally raped all over again in court and by public opinion. All of this effort is given to end up with less than 5 percent of accused rapists ever being convicted or serving any real time or consequences.

Let us not be confused, the incentives are VERY LOW for reporting a rape and PTSD for rape and sexual assault victims is VERY REAL. SO stop being a complacent accessory to rape culture and get on the right side of history and humanity !
FEMEN demands that the justice system finally acknowledge the serious trauma and psychological consequences of sexual assault that victims face, often resulting in years to admit what has appened to them much less file a complaint, and abolish the statute of limitations for all cases of rape.

FEMEN denounces victim shaming and blaming and demands that women finally be given the respect they deserve to be heard and believed.

FEMEN calls for an end to this cycle of abusive power that is the patriarchy and rape culture, somehow leading men to believe that they have some sort of right to a woman’s body and subsequently, what she wishes to do with her body own body and her life.

FEMEN calls for an end to widespread apathy and ignorance of a woman’s plight, denying the persuasive reality of misogyny and sexism and conveniently redefining the perpetrator with victim status.

FEMEN wants to be very clear, the only conspiracy against you Bill Cosby is the one for justice.


Aujourd’hui, le 9 avril 2018, après 50 ans de viols et de harcèlement sexuel, le procès contre Bill Cosby va enfin commencer.
Seule, l’une des victimes a pu officiellement porter plainte, les autres tombant sous le coup du délai de prescription (variable en fonction des Etats). À la vue du grand nombre de témoignages, la justice américaine permettra tout de même à cinq femmes de s’exprimer.

Les arguments de la défense de Cosby sont faibles : il ne s’agirait que d’une vaste manipulation destinée à lui soutirer de l’argent, à se mettre en avant, et à faire obstacle à un homme noir et puissant (il serait en pourparlers pour racheter un réseau de télévision populaire).

FEMEN rappelle que c’est Cosby lui-même qui a profité de sa position d’autorité pour abuser de ces femmes et qu’il s’agit bien d’une affaire de harcèlement sexuel.

Avec toutes ces diversions, l’équipe de défense de Cosby espère détourner de la question la plus importante : l’emprise et l’aliénation du corps des femmes par le système patriarcal. Stratégie que Bill Cosby connaît bien. Il use de sa position et son pouvoir sur l’esprit et le corps des femmes depuis des décennies, en retournant
aujourd’hui l’accusation sur ses plaignantes qu’il traite de menteuses.

Pour celles et ceux qui soutiennent Cosby en se disant que « ce n’est pas l’homme que je connais » ou « le tribunal décide de la culpabilité de Cosby», sachez ceci : peu importe que vous aimiez The Cosby Show, c’est un violeur en série, pas le personnage de son émission. Au fil des décennies, il a abusé du corps des femmes en les violant, simple dommage collatérale de sa popularité qu’on ne veut entendre porter plainte pour ne pas écorner nos souvenirs liés à cette émission. La victime, ici la courageuse Andréa Constand, a la lourde tâche de prouver qu’elle n’est pas responsable de son viol, qu’elle n’a rien fait de mal, que ni ses vêtements, ni son comportement ne justifient le crime de Bill Cosby. C’est pourtant ce que la défense de Cosby essaiera de nouveau de faire croire, en utilisant toutes les possibilités pour déplacer la culpabilité du crime vers la victime. La justice sera de nouveau confrontée à la question du libre consentement.

Femen est venue exprimer sa colère face à face avec les prénoms des victimes inscrits sur le torse.
Ce que tous les partisans de Cosby semblent négliger dans cette ère Black Live Matters, c’est que le viol est un crime quelque soit la victime et le coupable !

Si quelqu’un est vraiment à la recherche de la «vérité» et des «faits» dans cette affaire, une simple opération suffit. Le pourcentage de fausses plaintes de viol oscille, selon les statistiques officielles, entre 5 et 10%.
Par conséquent, il est mathématiquement IMPOSSIBLE que TOUTES les victimes de Cosby mentent! Pour les plus tenaces partisans de Cosby qui continuent à se demander pourquoi les victimes «ont attendu si longtemps», FEMEN vous invite à consulter la recherche officielle de l’impact réel du viol sur l’état mental d’une victime. La recherche montre qu’elles sont souvent manipulées, harcelées et contraintes au silence, parfois au point d’entretenir une sorte de loyauté envers leur agresseur. Les victimes sont fréquemment dans le déni, paralysées par un sentiment de culpabilité, dû à l’incertitude quant à savoir si c’est leur faute ou non. Quand elles décident de révéler au monde ce qui leur est arrivé (c’est-à-dire dans seulement 37% des cas), elles sont immédiatement étiquetées comme menteuses ou putes, harcelées et persécutées, violées émotionnellement par les tribunaux et par l’opinion publique. Tous ces efforts déployés pour que moins de 5% des violeurs accusés soient condamnés.

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