Counter Protest on January 23 in San Francisco

Stand with women in San Francisco on January 23, 2016! Make history with us!

Tens of thousands of people will March on San Francisco against a woman’s right to choose abortion and birth control. Clinics across the country have been forced to close because of unjust laws and violence. Women and staff are shamed, harassed, and threatened on their way into the clinics that remain. Politicians nearly shut down the government in order to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. Women are once again risking their lives to self-induce their own abortions. Eight doctors and staff have been murdered by antiabortion terrorists. 200 women since 2005 have been prosecuted under “fetal-harm” laws. And major Supreme Court cases are expected to soon determine the landscape of abortion rights for years to come.

The time is NOW to end the war on women!

Let’s make history together!

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