We Do not Reform a Vicious System: We Destroy It

FEMEN Antifascist Front 2016

Women do not need a reform, they need a revolution.
We do not reform a vicious system: we destroy it.

In all its forms, the sex industry is a tool of gender exploitation by the other gender, perpetuated through force, intimidation and manipulation. The success and efficiency of this sex market relies on the depreciation of women as subjects. Reduced to their physical envelope, women are made captive of a social and economical system that asserts the dominant status of men, as it is commended by the patriarchal ideology. (Extract of the FEMEN Manifesto).

Montreal is seen as a sex destination, the «Bangkok» of North America – a catastrophic reputation for both cities. The average age of entering prostitution in Canada is of 14-15 years old, and 80% of prostituted adults started being prostituted as minors (statistics from the Conseil du Statut de la Femme du Québec). Prostitution is a system of human traffic for sexual exploitation, perpetuated by pimps and organized crime. Contrary to popular belief, 90% of human traffic victims in Québec are quebecer. Montreal attracts sex tourism and profits most from it during its important events. Furthermore, Quebec is the only Canadian province that exports young women to be sexually exploited in other Canadian and American cities.

FEMEN condemns this girl traffic, that sells women like livestock to benefit a patriarchal system and its sex industry.
The social and political indifference in Quebec legitimizes this slow feminicide and allows it to be perpetuated. FEMEN condemns this monstrous betrayal of female citizens by their government.

Let’s destroy the sex industry!

The patriarchy that oppresses our flesh and spirit now finds in our naked and fighting bodies the means of its destruction. In its womb, a new enemy is born. Our name: FEMEN.

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