Erdoğan Strikes the Democracy, Again

In Turkey, Can Dündar and Erdem Gül were arrested this week as they were performing their journalistic work: published the documents incriminating the Turkish Secret Service involved in sales of weapon to so called “Islamic State” in Syria. This information is of great importance and finally unveils the true connection between the Turkish government and the terrorists.

By the orders of dictator Erdoğan, two journalists are imprisoned and accused of political espionage. They risk life imprisonment.

On November 28, Tahir Elçi, a Kurdish lawyer for human rights had been murdered. His funeral gathered thousands of people. Like all those who rise their voice for freedom, the lawyer of Kurdish rights in Turkey was an enemy of the state.

Like all dictators, cruelty and violence of Erdoğan see no limits. He fought relentlessly those who carry the ideals of justice, freedom, equality and secularism.

Can Dündar and Gül Erdem, you are not alone!


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