FEMEN Antifascist Front 2016

FEMEN Antifascist Front 2016

Because too much blood was shed, and in response, too much hate was spilled,

Because the superiority of some individuals over others based on arbitrary criteria is a word that is spreading,

Because religious affiliation appears to be a criterion to define an individual for some,

Because security does not come from the re-establishment of impermeable borders nor from the exclusion of refugees,

Because our values of freedom are fought and betrayed,

And because today hatred has its icons, its names, its banners and its spokespeople:

FEMEN announces its targets for 2016 and warns the well-identified forms of modern fascism: Islamism and extreme rights political parties, at an international level. We are thereby launching the 2016 FEMEN Antifascist Front

FEMEN Antifascist Front 2016Political Islam has gathered its troops against the values of equality, freedom, coexistence, emancipation and progress, considering these values as “Western” ideas and thus racist, needing to be destroyed. We assert instead that these values are universal. The Islamists use the most barbaric and medieval means to terrorize civilian populations, force women into slavery, slaughter religious and sexual minorities, kill infidels… Dreaming of a Caliphate based on the Sharia Law ruled by an almost unprecedented bloodthirsty patriarchal system.

On the other hand, extreme right political mafias, such as the Front National, struggle to take advantage of the climate of fear and gain voters seduced by their manly speeches to counter Islamism. Armed with sexist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic ideals, promoting a fantasized Christian supremacy, they are the political representatives of the same totalitarianism, based on the division of society and segregation, to ensure the superiority of a group of individuals over others.

The risk of an epidemic of fascist parties coming to power exists throughout Europe (Pegida movement in Germany, Golden Dawn in Greece…). Even the United-States of America are facing the growing popularity of Donald Trump who seems to be leading a freewheel anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim, anti-women racist crusade.

It is obvious that these two forms of fascism, religious and political, Islamism and traditional extreme right, are mutually reinforcing. As long as one will exist and develop, the other one will grow.

FEMEN has identified and is targeting both of these two religious and totalitarian extremisms for several years already. Reactionary, based on archaic religious writings or taking Marshal Pétain as a political model, they constitute sources of oppression against women, LGBT people and other minorities. FEMEN exposed them through multiple actions in France since 2012. Today, they are our two greatest enemies, towards whom we have, unlike them, no personal hatred, but a relentless determination to peacefully fight their ideas.

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