Human Rights for Indigenous Women

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the long-awaited National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada.
hi2Indigenous women and girls are the people most at risk to be victims of a crime in Canada. They are regularly killed and gone missing. We are happy that the Canadian government finally acknowledges this tragic reality and takes action to investigate and stop the abuses and murders of Indigenous women. First Nation communities and numerous Canadian voices and organisations have been bringing this feminicide to the Canadian’s government attention for years now, asking for action to be taken to stop and prevent the murders, for cases to be investigated and justice ensured to the victims, their families and their communities.

We are so glad that a national Inquiry will start in September. It will be led by Marion Buller, British Columbia’s first female First Nations judge.

We can only hope that the commission of inquiry will not only work on the surface but develops a true in-depth investigation of a major social problem rooted in misogyny and racism. The Canadian government will have to apply the commission’s recommendations without hesitation or delay to eradicate at all costs a culture of violence and assassination of Indigenous women, crimes facilitated by the lack of police interest, investigations and legal repercussions for the perpetrators of such horror.

We sincerely hope hat this inquiry is a true defining step towards ending an ongoing feminicide in Canada.

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