We celebrate our victory on the trial!

FEMEN wants to celebrate its victory on the trial against its action during the campaign #AbortoEsSagrado – Abortion rights are holy. Five activists made a pacific action during an anti-abortion rally in Madrid in 2013.

An ultra-catholic association, Rooted in Christ and Society (Enraizados en Cristo y en la Sociedad) within another fanatic association, Christian Lawyers (Abogados Cristianos), began their own moral and ideological crusade against FEMEN. But this battle just made us stronger.

13908972_828203123946188_6665815783350764655_oAccused of exhibitionism, public disorders, resistance, and a crime against the fundamental right to demonstrate, risking more than 6 years of prison.

Now the justice give us the reason. Justice gives the reason to those who are on the side of equality and progress and has closed the door to those who are still living on the dark times of Inquisition. This victory confirms the power of non-violent actions made by fearless women. We are totally free of charges!

The sentence says clearly that topless protest is not an act of exhibitionism but a
form of protest. Moreover, the judge explains that our action was legal as it was an exercise of freedom of expression, recognised on the Spanish Constitution.

We make a toast for this triumph with all our comrades who has shown their support, not just Spanish but also from other countries as France or even Nicaragua. We want to share this sacred bite with all the people who support our actions and activism, thank you!

We make a toast for this secular Spain thanks to feminism… Because God wouldn’t let this happen.

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